Website health checks

Phoenix Caribbean regularly design, develop and build new websites required by our clients. This is challenging and enjoyable work, but one of the areas we find that clients sometimes neglect is website health checks – the ongoing “health” of their website.

Website health checks

What does this mean?

Well, you probably often see update requirements or notifications from Microsoft on your PC. These are upgrades to operating systems or software that you use. Similarly, website platforms have regular updates, and these website health checks need to be executed and then checked to ensure there has been no impact on the website design and function.

These updates often include security upgrades, so it’s essential they are acted on to reduce the chance of your website being “hacked”. For example, many websites have third-party software which is used for their operation. That software represents a potential avenue of attack – and access – for potential hackers.

Similarly, many “Open” website platforms such as WordPress allow developers to incorporate third-party software to conduct certain functions on the website. These “plug-ins” also require regular updates for the same reasons.

Our website health checks are inexpensive and include:

  • Updating the content management system core (also checking if automatic updates are turned off or if an update failed)
  • Updating outdated plugins
  • Updating theme / Design framework
  • Running security hardening tools to reduce vulnerability to hacks
  • Checking logs for potential traces of harmful requests
  • Reviewing the website to ensure all looks well after the health check

Website health checks are important for all kinds of website but are particularly so for any website that accepts payments online.

Many of our clients already engage us to conduct these regular website health checks. It’s an inexpensive and essential service. Please contact us to find out more about our website health-check services.