Define your audience

It’s essential to define your audience to ensure your marketing activities are focused, clear and ultimately successful. If you don’t know who you wish to sell to them don’t be surprised if you don’t sell anything!

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Define your audience with Phoenix Caribbean

The first step on your road from Jellyfish Marketing to becoming successful at marketing is to Define your audience.

What do we mean by this, why is it important and how do you do it? Well, read on!

Define your audience – what do you mean?

Let’s say you are a car dealership for Hyundai. Their cars (their products) can be summarized as good, solid, economical, inexpensive and reliable family cars. Note the focus – these are all benefits, NOT features. Now imagine the kind of people who would be interested in buying this type of car. Do you have a picture in your mind? Good, keep it there.

Now let’s say you are a car dealership for Ferrari. One of the most famous sports care manufacturers in the world. How would you summarise their cars? Fast, sexy, prestigious are some of the words we would suggest. Now imagine the kind of people who would be (genuinely) interested in buying this type of car.

Now compare the two images in your mind – the Hyundai buyer and the Ferrari buyer. They’re very, very different, right?

You’ve started to define your audience.

Define your audience – why is it important?

Well, continuing the car example, if two parents with a young family walked into your Hyundai dealership, you would consider it well worth talking to them right? Young family, you sell family cards. Excellent fit.

What if they walked into your Ferrari dealership? Unless one of the Parents is super-rich and is trying to impress their family, it’s very unlikely that they are a good fit. In fact, its doubtful they would even come in.

If you don’t define your audience, you can waste a lot of marketing and sales effort on someone who is simply unsuited for your product or service.

Define your audience – how do you do it?

The car example has provided some hints on this. You should:

  • Write down the benefits of your product or service (NOT the features)
  • Ask yourself – who would be best suited to these benefits?
  • You can even create an Avatar of the type of person likely to purchase

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