Tailored Marketing

Tailored Marketing campaigns are essential if you wish to maximise your brand presence. Simply following a generic approach won’t work in the 21st century.

At Phoenix Caribbean, we ensure that client-tailored marketing campaigns are developed specifically to meet your requirements. This in turn ensures you maximise your target-customer reach with the right messages.

Tailored Marketing – Horses-for-courses

Horses-for-courses is an old expression meaning that you select the racehorse appropriate to the racecourse. Short-sprint races would have little chance in a long-distance handicap like the Kentucky Derby.

To take an extreme example, no one would sensibly expend marketing budget advertising ladies perfume to men. It’s obvious, right? Unfortunately, without a considered, tailored marketing campaign, it’s entirely possible that this is exactly what you might end up doing!

This is especially true in the digital advertising field, where unless you set clear parameters of target demographics, geographies and reach, you may well find your precious marketing dollars being spent on reach-out to people who are simply not interested in your products and services.

At Phoenix Caribbean, our ‘horses-for-courses’ approach is designed to ensure every penny of your marketing activities targets people and businesses who are interested in what you have to offer. Simple to write, very challenging to achieve! We’re pleased to have a track record of satisfied clients who we have delighted with the tailored marketing campaigns we conduct.

If you would like to find out more about how our campaign from Phoenix Caribbean can assist your business, get in touch today! Remember – our first hour of consultancy is FREE!