Alligator Wrestling

Alligator Wrestling doesn’t sound very appealing to us {Our MD actually witnessed it on holiday once and he confirms it didn’t look much fun (!)}. 

Alligator WrestlingWhen businesses come to us with website problems it’s typically because their website is incredibly difficult to maintain. That’s what we mean by Alligator Wrestling!

Here are just a few snippets of what we hear from businesses who are despairing with their website:

  • ‘Every time I make a simple text change it messes up the page formatting’
  • ‘I’m trying to add a new picture but when I do it throws the whole page out of kilter’
  • ‘I have to go back to the developer to get a simple change made and they charge me every time!’
  • ‘I’m totally fed up with my website!’

Does any of this sound familiar? Yes? Yep, you’ve been alligator wrestling. Well, wrestle no more – websites built by Phoenix Caribbean are designed for simplicity of content management. After all. It’s your website – why should you have to come back to the developer every time you want to make a simple change?

should you have to come back to the developer every time you want to make a simple change?

If you’d like to stop Alligator Wrestling, call Phoenix Caribbean on +1-284 340 0466

We can – we will – make your life much easier (at least when it comes to websites…!)

Putting an end to Alligator Wrestling

We work with you openly, encouraging an ongoing conversation about your website as we build it. This ensures the launched website meets your precise requirements.

Our modular approach to content management means you can easily add content – text, images, video – in the safe knowledge that it won’t wreck the formatting and design of your website. When you add new product or service pages, our ‘modules’ make it as simple as completing fields and upload pictures. The formatting is taken care of automatically.

Sounds easy right? Well, to be honest, it isn’t, but that’s our problem! Our job may be challenging, but that’s simply to ensure your website management is made as simple as possible.

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What else can you help me with?

Well, everything web-related! How about:

What’s more, if it’s computer related you name it! We’re a full service IT, cyber and website company. Here are some examples of recent projects we have conducted:

  • Office moves – IT planning and move
  • Infrastructure migration & upgrades
  • System audits
  • Disaster recovery
  • Virus removal/protection
  • Data recovery

And even wireless & broadband assistance!

And of course a LOT of websites!

You can also get in touch via Social Media! We’re available on Facebook & LinkedIn.