Communications Strategy Development

Communications Strategy Development is a key element of any businesses marketing strategy. At Phoenix Caribbean, we can assist you in developing and executing your ongoing communications strategy.

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Communications Strategy Development with Phoenix Caribbean

Once you’ve decided on your marketing channels, you now have to decide how to use them. That’s where Communications Strategy Development comes in. Essentially you need to decide what you’re going to say, when you’re going to say it and where you’re going to say it.

For example, you may have a new product you wish to promote, and you’ve decided that Facebook will be the best place to start with the promotion. You may then decide to post something about the product – features, benefits, why it’s good, special offers etc – 3 times a week for a month.

So you’ve covered ‘what’ (new product), ‘when’ (3 times a week) and ‘where’ (Facebook). Now apply that approach to every product and service you have available to your potential customer base. Bingo! You’ve got yourself a Communications Strategy!

You can document your strategy in as simple or as complex a manner that you see fit. A basic calendar with what should be done on any given day is a great starting point. What are you waiting for? Stop being a ninety-nine percenter and join the 1% of businesses who are successful in their marketing activities.

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