Best digital platforms

The best digital platforms vary depending on the nature of your business and your marketing objectives. We can advise on the most suitable channels for your company, ensuring your marketing strategy aligns with your audience.

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Best digital platforms

The next step on your road from Jellyfish Marketing to becoming successful at marketing is to decide on the best digital platforms for your business.

What do we mean by this, why is it important and how do you do it? Well, read on!

Best digital platforms – what do you mean?

This isn’t a discussion about the respective merits of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any of the many social media platforms available. The question is which platforms are most appropriate for your business.

For example, let’s say you are a distributor of industrial parts for machinery in the Caribbean. The most likely buyers of your product range are businesses that use the relevant machinery. These buyers need straight, factual information (which is why it’s so important to define your audience ).

So posting a fun video on Tiktok isn’t going to achieve anything, is it? In fact it would seem rather strange. However, posting some information about parts in-stock on Facebook is definitely helpful. You may then go further with some videos on Youtube, maybe even with a fitting guide.

So for this particular business – Facebook and Youtube. NOT Tiktok!

To reiterate – this doesn’t mean Tiktok is bad. In fact its an excellent platform. It just isn’t suitable for use by this particular business.

Best digital platforms – why is it important?

From the previous example, we can see that choosing an inappropriate digital channel could cause some questions in your audience’s mind. Also, it’s unlikely you would reach your audience on the wrong channels. Industrial parts buyers aren’t likely to be spending very much time on Tiktok.

Whereas determining your audience uses Facebook ensures you are giving yourself the best chance of reaching your audience in a regular and informal way.

Best digital platforms – how do you do it?

The Industrial machinery parts business has provided some hints on this. You should:

  • Decide which channels your audience are likely to use (you can also ask them!)
  • Decide what kind of information you will be posting – text, images, videos and their nature
  • From that decide on your Best digital platforms.

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