Low-Risk Investment

Achieve a healthy rate of return with this low-risk investment in the Caribbean. Phoenix Caribbean represent an established Group of companies that specializes in trading PVC and Plasticizer products worldwide. Having been in operation for 30 years, they weathered the financial shock of 2008 and their forecasted revenue for 2014 is over US$30M. Thanks to market growth the company is forecasting revenues will reach close to US$100 million by 2017 and is seeking funds from private investors to assist in financing this growth.

In the present financial climate, investment returns through banks and traditional financial instruments are yielding very low rates of return. Our client has been successful in attracting a number of private investors into their Inventory Finance Program. Under this program investments are accepted with the following criteria:

• Investment amounts from a minimum of US$50,000 to a maximum of US$1,000,000
• Funds to be invested for a minimum of 1 year
• Interest paid at 10% per annum for 1 year commitment, 11% for 3 years or a 12% investment return for a 5 year commitment
• Interest payable on an annual or quarterly basis at investor’s option

Funds invested in the Inventory Finance Program are held separately from our client’s operating companies. The investment funds are used solely to increase the trading levels in the business by increasing working capital. It is also worth nothing that this Caribbean investment is offshore in a zero-tax rated territory.

Our client is an established, successful global trading business. It operates in mature markets with on going growth potential. The company’s innovative Inventory Finance Program offers investors the opportunity to achieve a very healthy low risk investment return.

We look forward to working with you to our mutual benefit. Please contact us to obtain a copy of the investment prospectus.